For those of you to whom I have, as yet, not had the pleasure of meeting in person or liaising with,
I am David Ruffel, the proud owner of the gorgeous “Peace Place”.

I took ownership of Peace Place at the beginning of January 2012 and
have been on a fast track learning of the vacational needs of Destin. 

I have also met and liaised with wonderful families and friendship groups
and I hope over the coming years I get to meet more of you and see some familiar faces.

I am refurbishing Peace Place over the winter 2012 and will be sure to keep you all
updated on the outcome with photos and progress......
any feedback or positive and constructive suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Articles relating to the local area of Destin

Crab Island

Such a wonderful vacation visit where you can enjoy the music, ice-creams, warm water and meeting of other vacation groups. However, please do be vigilant and see the following article;


Never Visited Destin?

Take at look at this site of photographs taken by visitors, gives you a warm inward feel about Destin and why people are drawn to this stunning place.


Preparing for your vacation

I took at a look at this site and felt it might be helpful to ease the stress of preparing for the de-stressing vacation. Please let me know if you find it or found it at all useful. If you have further helpful preparation vacational website links or you have personal tips, again please do let me know… I am sure future vacation families and groups would be ever so grateful to you.